These instructions apply to pyglet 2.0.

pyglet is a pure Python library, with no hard dependencies on other modules. No special steps or complitation are required for installation. You can install from on PyPI via pip. For example:

pip install --upgrade --user pyglet

You can also clone the repository using git and install from source:

git clone
cd pyglet
python install --user

In addition, since pyglet is pure Python, you can also just copy the pyglet subfolder directly into the root of your project without installation into your local site-packages.

To play video, or a wide selection of compressed audio, pyglet can optionally use FFmpeg.

Running the examples

The source code archives include examples. Archive zip files are available on Github:

cd pyglet-x.x.x
python examples/

As mentioned above, you can also clone the repository using Git:

git clone
cd pyglet
python examples/