These instructions apply to pyglet 1.5.

pyglet is a pure python library, so no special steps are required for installation. You can install it in a variety of ways, or simply copy the pyglet folder directly into your project. If you’re unsure what to do, the recommended method is to install it into your local site-packages directory. pyglet is available on PyPI. and can be installed like any other Python library via pip:

pip install pyglet --user

You can also clone the repository using git and install from source:

git clone
cd pyglet
python install --user

To play compressed audio and video files (anything except for WAV), you will need FFmpeg.

Running the examples

The source code archives include examples. Archives are available on Github:

cd pyglet-x.x.x
python examples/

As mentioned above, you can also clone the repository using Git:

git clone
cd pyglet
python example/