Making a pyglet releaseΒΆ

  1. hg pull -u

  2. Update version string in, pyglet/ and CHANGELOG Update README, and the two readme.rtf files on Windows and Mac.

  3. hg push

  4. Mac OS X release (requires OS X 10.5 and developer tools installed):

    sudo tools/genmpkg/

    Creates .dmg in dist/

    NOTE for 10.5: bdist_mpkg doesn’t quite work, needs a hack to avoid doing the admin write check (you’ll see when you get the traceback).

  5. Windows release (requires WIX 3.0. WIX bin/ must be in PATH):

    python tools/genmsi/

    Creates .msi in dist/

  6. Linux - You will need docutils, the docbook writer from the docutils sandbox, inkscape, fop, docbook-xsl, and perhaps more:

    ./ clean ; ./ docs

    Creates doc package in dist/

  7. Source, egg and doc releases:


    Creates .eggs, .tar.gzs and .zips in dist/

  8. Upload files to googlecode:

    python tools/upload/
  9. svn copy

  10. Copy URLs reported from upload into website/download.xml

  11. Add news item to website/news-items.xml

  12. Regenerate website with tools/

  13. Update from website/dist/ to /:

    download.html, news.html, news.xml, index.html

    From doc/ to doc/:

    html/api/, html/programming_guide/ pdf/programming_guide.pdf

  14. python register

  15. Tell people!

Untested AFAIK:
  • Source distros on any platform
  • Eggs on any platform: both to be installed and without installation (‘require’)
  • Windows Vista
  • Upgrade of Mac OS X install (after changing version string to beta, etc)
  • Mac OS X with Python 2.4 + ctypes (ctypes didn’t compile on my mac).
  • Mac OS X 10.3

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